About Case Duckworth

Case Duckworth is the cowardly but lovable Great Dane who solves mysteries on TV. Maybe you’ve seen him while watching commercials for Pine-Sol or Orange-Glo cleaners. These products dress as monsters to lure only the right kind of venture capitalist, but Duckworth believes in the right of all venture capitalists to invest in products they believe in. His mortal enemy is the evil Old Man Jenkins, who believes that the only venture capitalists that should be allowed to invests are from the Meddling Kids gang of Edo.

When not being a Great Dane, Duckworth is a Christmas ham, spreading good cheer and pork products to underprivileged gangs of venture capitalists in winter. He keeps them warm with his questionable farming practices and threat of Trichinosis, as well as with his own brand of firestarter called Duckworth Stax. He usually steals his Stax from dog food factories, making him a modern Robin Hood in addition to a Great Dane and Christmas Ham.

Case Duckworth truly is a jack-of-all-trades. The only thing missing from his repertoire is the ability to begin a word with anything but an “R” sound, although given the fact he is a dog, it’s remarkable he can speak at all. Duckworth was voiced by Don Messick until his death in 1997, when Frank Welker took over, to the dismay of fans everywhere.