Creation myth

So two hyperintelligent pandimensional beingswalk into a bar. One turns to the other and says,“Did you remember to check the end stateof that simulation we were running?" The othersays, “No, I thought that you did?” To whichthe first replies, “Oh shit, we missed it.I suppose we must do all of this again. Barkeep,

two beers please." The bartender nods in that waythat bartenders do, pours the two beers,expertly, by the way, just so, and hands themto the first hyperintelligent pandimensional being.The second one pulls a few singles out of hiswallet, places them on the bar, and the pairturn around and begin walking toward a tablein the middle of the mostly-empty bar. The bar-tender picks up the money, fans it out, frowns,and calls to his patrons’ backs: “Hey, thisisn’t enough!" The two turn around simultan-eously, with parity, and stare at him. A beat.

One of them, the one without the beer, breaksthe silence by exclaiming, “Oh dear god, I’msorry! I didn’t know your prices went up sincelast time. What do I owe you?" The bartendersays, “Oh, just another dollar-fifty.” The beingreaches in his back pocket, slides out hiswallet, looks in smiling, and frowns when he seesit’s empty. He looks to the other and says,“You got a buck-fifty I can borrow?”

The second hyperintelligent pandimensional beingconsiders this. He sets the beers downon the table, pulls out his own wallet, opensit, and frowns. “I’m broke too,” he says.