The largest asteroid in the asteroid belt

What secrets does it hold?Can it tell us who kissed Sarathat night on the veranda, orwho Joey is really in love with?We all know it isn’t Sara, wemean look at them Christmas eveand he’s staring whistfullyat the stars, or the largestasteroid in the asteroid belt.She’s staring at him, sure, butshe sees the twinkle in his eyeis not aimed in her direction.The reflection of that reflectionwill beam into space, lightyearsof space, dimming slowly eachsecond, until it dies out likeall of Sara’s hopes for somethingresembling love in this life, reallove that takes hold of her bythe throat and refuses to let go,love that makes men travel for herand only for her, love that launchesspace ships to that asteroid, thelargest in the asteroid belt, thatjewel of dead rock and ice, harboringsomething that could’ve been lifeand nothing that actually is.