Love Song

Walking along in the dark is a good way to begin a song. Walking home in the dark after a long day chasing criminals is another. Running away from an imagined evil is no way to begin a story.

I am telling you this because you wanted to know what it’s like to tell something so beautiful everyone will cry. I am telling you because I want you to know what it is to keep everything inside of you. I am telling you.

Can you see? Can you see into me and reach in your hand and pull me inside out, like an old shirt? Will you wear me until I unravel on your shoulders, will you cut me apart and use my skin to clean up the cola you spill on the floor when you’re drunk?

I want you to know that I want you to know. Do you want me? To know is to know. I, you want we. We want. That is why we’re here. To want is to be is to want and I want you. Do you also? Check yes or no.

There is a way to end every story, every song. Every criminal must be caught. Even those who cry dry their tears. I cannot tell you all I want because I want to tell you everything. There is no art because there is no mirror big enough. We wake up every day. Sometimes we sleep.