• typewriter
  • writing desk
  • notecards (top drawer of desk)
  • pen (fountain)
  • inkpot (empty)
  • wood (a lot, more out back)
  • bare lightbulb
  • candle
  • wooden shelf with tools:
    • claw hammer
    • screwdriver
    • prybar
    • 2x wrench (different kinds)
  • tiller machine
  • push lawnmower
  • hatchet
  • axe

He typed the list in the typewriter and looked around some more. He wanted to make sure he didn’t miss anything. Finally it hit him and he smiled. He typed one more line, stood up, and went out of the shed.

  • Paul Bunyon

He got some kerosene from under the house, poured it around the base of the shed, lit a cigarette. He smoked half of it and threw it down to start the fire.