The Big Dipper

After searching for days or even monthsI finally find it reclining lazilyabove the peaks above the city as if to askDid you miss me? Yes very much I replyand rush to embrace it but it smilesand recoils and tells me No no youhave to try harder than that it saysI do not give myself up so easily

I try a different tackI sing to it bring it flowers nightlyI compare its eyes to the morning dewit has not seen the morning dewI say its mouth is the sunset over mountainsit knows mountains but the sunsetis only a rumor from the Evening StarI tell the Big Dipper that it moveslike a quiet river across the earth

Rivers I have seen says the Big Dipperthey sparkle in the light from my starsYour stars like eyes I say and it smilesNo it says that is too easyIt turns its backit walks home along the back of the mountain