Table of contents

4. The look she gave me 4. Half-hours in heaven are three times that in hell
5. Not out of anger 5. Pay the toll, mister, or nothing can get done
6. A desire to understand 6. Misattributed
7. Seven syllables amble 7. Disassociated
8. To drink at the pond 8. Advice from a cereal box
9. Two fall in and drown 9. The challenges of a modern life
10. Odd-numbered ponies 10. Probability and the American Dream
11. Buck and Whinny in the moonlight 11. Two friends throw dice
12. To die tomorrow 12. Fears of death
13. To be everywhere 13. The solipsist talks to God
14. All at one time: my motto 14. A phone conversation following receipt of an ill-timed love letter
15. Of a perfect world 15. Woody Allen at the horse races
16. This morning the sun 16. Whether you say good morning or good night
17. Wandering through the window 17. A traveler waiting on the mountain
18. Alights on my shoulder 18. The impenetrable object falls in love
1. Liquid messenger
2. After a gate closes, dogs bark
3. Finding old men at dusk