Initial conditions

There is a theory which states the Universeif it began with the same initial conditions( same gravity same strong weak nuclear force samesize and shape ) would unfold in exactlythe way it has : with the same planets orbiting sunssame people making same mistakes : like this morning

( It’s actually past two but I will call it morning )while turning on the shower : I as the Universeintended ( although I was expecting the heat of suns )had the ice of inner space : those pre existing conditionsbefore the Big Bang : the shower was almost exactlyfreezing for a split second : every day it’s the same :

I turn on the tap hop in pull the knob have the samemoment of utter panic then pain then a relaxing morningshower where I spend between five to ten ( I’m not sure exactly )minutes : I have good thoughts : this poem about the Universefor example : I had the idea while I was conditioningmy hair : it came to me like accidentally looking at the sun :

the pain and the wonder that something as large as sunscould appear so small and yet so hot all at the sametime : so hot in the summer we require air conditioning( although now in the winter it’s cold in the morning )and I can’t wait to hop in the shower that tiny universeof water and steam and soap and body : that and only that exactly

or rather exclusively ( it’s hard to get the words exactlyright : the meanings bleed into each other like the sun’sshadows on pavement ) ready for me to dream another universeinto it on top of it again and again until they all look the same :I can’t tell whether it’s my morning or the shower’s morningor where I put the conditioner or what the initial conditions

could have been that decided I would misplace my conditionertoday : and why and how much planning was involved exactlythat would cause so far down the production line of this morning: me to wake up so long after the rising of the sun: me to stay inside all day even after showering to look at the samecomputer screen : to give up the actual universe to the universe

in there with its conditions : where the screen serves as sickly sun :where there is apparently exactly what I need : no more : the samethree sites I visited this morning comprising my entire Universe