Appendix C

index of common titles

About the author About Case Duckworth AMBER alert And The angel to Abraham On seeing the panorama of the Apollo 11 landing site Art Axe The Big Dipper The boar Boy on the bus Building Call me Cereal Cold wind Instrumented Creation myth Dead man The Death Zone “Death’s trumpet” Something Dream Early Elegy for an alternate self Ex machina Exasperated Father Feeding the raven Finding the Lion Fire Look Hands A hard game Hardware How it happened Hymnal I am I think it’s you I want to say I wanted to tell you something In bed Initial conditions January Joke L’appel du vide The largest asteroid in the asteroid belt Last bastion Last passenger Leaf Leg Liking Things Listen Love as God Love Song Man The Moon is drowning The moon is gone and in its place a mirror The mountain Moving Sideways Something No nothing Notes Nothing is ever over One hundred lines On formal poetry Options Ouroboros of Memory Paul Peaches Philosophy Phone Planks Litany Something Prelude Problems Proverbs Punch The purpose of dogs Question A real writer Reports Riptide of memory Ronald McDonald Rough gloves Sapling Seasonal affective disorder Sense of it Serengeti Shed The shipwright The Sixteenth Chapel Snow “Let’s start with something simple:” Spittle The squirrel Stagnant Statements Stayed on the bus too long Stump Swansong Swan song Swear Table of contents Tapestry Telemarketer The night we met, I was out of my mind The sea and the beach The ocean overflows with camels Time looks up to the sky To Daniel Toilet Toothpaste Treatise Underwear Walking in the rain Wallpaper We played those games too What we are made of When I’m sorry I wash dishes Window Worse looking over Writing X-ray Yellow